Rest easy knowing every Comfort Sleeper™ is hand crafted by our team in Dallas, Texas. American Leather is a world-class manufacturer making the highest quality upholstered furniture since 1990. Each Comfort Sleeper™ is made to order and ready in about 4-5 weeks.

Designers of AMERICAN LEATHER’s patented Comfort Sleeper™ mechanism, Barbara and Robert Tiffany have been collaborating since 1976, sharing the design process. Robert is also responsible for engineering while Barbara directs their marketing.

Tiffany and Tiffany have developed hundreds of products, from mass-market tubular steel for Amisco to high-end designer showroom and contract products for such manufacturers as AMERICAN LEATHER, Preview, Directional, Thonet and Jack Lenor Larsen. Many of their designs in bent laminated wood for Plycraft appear regularly on movie and TV sets.

Tiffany and Tiffany are the designers of the Tiffany 24/7™ mechanism, U.S. Patent #4737996 and #6904628, which is utilized in every American Leather Comfort Sleeper™.

Robert And Barbara Tiffany
* American Leather provides a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and suspension of our furniture.

* American Leather also warrants furniture to be free of defects in workmanship and materials, other than frame and suspension, for five years from the date of purchase.

* All sleeper and recliner mechanisms are under warranty for three years from the date of purchase.

Defects in workmanship and materials are defined, for the purpose of this warranty, as causing the product to be unsound structurally or mechanically, or altering the appearance of the piece substantially. This warranty applies under conditions of normal usage and does not apply to defects resulting from misuse, accidents, negligence or normal wear.

If a defect is found in the product, American Leather will repair or replace, at its option, the defective workmanship or material. American Leather reserves the right to arrange local repair, and the cost of packing and shipping to and from factory is not covered by the warranty unless expressly arranged by American Leather.

Our warranty is nontransferable. In the unlikely event that a warranty concern does occur, the original owner should make claims through the retailer where the product was purchased, or through a retailer authorized by American Leather. A dated sales receipt, or other proof of purchase, should be submitted at this time.